about the artist

Welcome to CurtisEppersonArt.com, home of the "tylted" word mosaic art of Curtis Epperson!

When you first see any of my art prints from a distance, you may think you are looking at a puzzle or a tile mosaic. But the closer you get, you’ll realize what you are looking at is words, words, and more words! Each of my pieces contains anywhere between 20 and 150 words (sometimes more), each letter hand-drawn, and each word meticulously and strategically placed within the art to create the art. And of course, the words were chosen carefully to describe the art.

My goal with each and every piece I do is to be fun and entertaining, for sure, but I also feel that my art should be more than just that. I strive to have inspirational and educational words in there as well.

For instance, did you know that a Panda has five fingers and a thumb? Or that a Bloodhound is named that because it was believed to be royalty, of “pure or noble blood?" These are but a couple of the interesting facts you’ll find located in my art, as well as fun and entertaining words that apply to the subject of each art piece!

Okay, but where did the word "tylted" come from? 

I decided on that name for two reasons.

The first is because in order to see all of the words placed within my art, you may have to “tylt” your head (or the art print); you may have to shift your perspective to see some of the words and phrases located within the art. 

The second reason carries a much deeper personal significance to me…

Several years ago, I was hit with an almost debilitating incurable mental disorder out of the blue. 

As I found myself trying to navigate the waters of this new life, I was searching for help and answers anywhere I could get them. I read every book, saw every specialist, and watched every online video that might be able to give me answers, and the list could go on.

After almost a year of daily struggle, I finally started to see the dark clouds above my head begin to part. I was finally starting to see things a little more clearly - that the cocoon I had been living in for the previous year had been transforming me into a much better version of myself, against my will I might add. Although the journey was extremely painful, I came to realize that it helped shape me and mold me, and in order to continue to grow and evolve, I needed to open myself up to the possibilities of more change, no matter how painful. 

It was around that time that I coined the acronym “tylted” for myself, as my own personal mantra to live by. It means “Transform Your Life Today Every Day.” It means step outside of my comfort zone. It means embrace that unwanted change and look for the silver lining in those dark clouds. It means take those risks.

In 2014, my wife and I decided to take that risk...

We followed our dreams by moving our family from our lifelong home in Memphis, TN, to a place where we didn’t know anyone, simply because we love warm weather, the beach, and Disney. Yes, we made Orlando, Florida our new home! And when we are not working, I can assure you that you will likely find us on a coaster, in a show, or splashing in some sort of body of water!


Some people told us we were crazy to move for the reasons we did, and others tried to talk us out of moving. Yes, it was a scary decision leaving our friends and families behind, as well as my job of almost ten years, but we knew if we didn’t take the risk that day, we may never go for it. We would always wonder “what if?” Because we didn’t want to look back 10 years later with regrets on what we didn’t do, we just went for it. And we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Take that risk. Go for that dream. Embrace that change. To me, that is what “getting tylted” is all about. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my website and taking the time to read my story. I try my best every day to make the world a better place - to help transform it - whether through my actions, my words, or my art. And I sincerely hope that my words and art can be a bright spot to your day - to help inspire, educate, and entertain you!

See you on the ‘coasters! ;)

Curtis Epperson