about the artist

Welcome to CurtisEppersonArt.com, home of the Word Mosaic Art of Curtis Epperson!

Curtis Epperson is a contemporary word mosaic artist who currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida, although he spent most of his life in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up, Curtis always had a love for all of the arts, but his creative side was first demonstrated in the Christian music world, where he began composing, performing, and producing at the age of 13.

In High School, he co-founded the acappella group Four Score, which performed numerous concerts and charity events over the course of the 4 years they were together. Throughout his music career Curtis also performed with or produced many groups and bands like DeltaCappella, Family Factory, Turning Point and Thistle & Lace. After almost 25 years in the industry and winning several national awards, Curtis felt his calling begin to change, and thus decided to take his relentless passion and dedication to the arts in another direction: Word Mosaic Art.

When Curtis first began developing his art style, he knew only one thing for sure: he wanted to continue his mission of entertaining, inspiring and educating his audience through his work. He has always had a keen interest in all types of puzzles and brain games, as well as a fascination with how the human mind works. Marrying all of these things together, he developed his own art style, which is a variation on the calligram art style:

All of Curtis’ art is made entirely of words, and no word is ever repeated. Each letter is individually hand-drawn, and all of the words are carefully chosen to relate to the art and strategically placed within the art. Depending on the piece, the words could range from 20 to 200+ words and take between 6 and 60+ hours to complete!

Through his art and his life’s example, Curtis hopes to help others think outside the box, to learn something new, and to have fun doing it!